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Disabled pets and people

What pets can bring to our lives

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A place to talk about care for disabled pets and how our animals help people with disabilities
This community has two main purposes:
1.) To talk about, learn about, or perhaps even complain about the care of pets with any disability or illness
2.) To talk or rant about any disabilities or illnesses and how our pets help

This is a community to get support, to learn, and to find others like you.
Perhaps you are angry about people claiming that a disabled person can't care for their pets. Rant here!
Perhaps you want advice on how to care for a disabled or ill pet. Get it here!
Perhaps there is one things that your pet does that is natural for that animal, but due to a disability it drives you crazy, and no one seems to understand why. Someone probably will here.
Perhaps you have a disabled or ill pet and think your experiences may help someone else. They will, please share!
Perhaps you just want to talk about how your pet or service animal has changed your life for the better, whether it is the support and endless love they offer those with disabilities or the always cheerful attitude that disabled pets have. This is the place!

All posts that contain helpful information on how to care for an ill or disabled pet or how to make caring for a pet easier for a disabled person will be put in the memories.

Since this community is just starting out, please give any ideas you have for interests (with the exception of specific dog or cat breeds or species of birds, there just isn't enough room and the dogs that are there currently are there because they are the most common breeds to become service dogs) or places to advertise this community. Please feel free to advertise it as long as you have the moderator's approval.

Introductions are nice, so we can learn about you and your pet(s), but they are not required. In your introduction, please state more then just your disability or your pets, we would like to know more about you and your pet. Pictures or cute stories of your pets and your hobbies and interests are encouraged. blank

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