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01 December 2007 @ 11:26 am
Hi I am Diana  
I have TN, or The most painfull condition know to modern medicen.Pain of the 5 crainal nerve, face pain on both sides now. and Burning mouth syndrom. Atypical, sort of being treated by drugs, but am in pain most of the time. It only hurts when I am feeling sorry for my self.
Am also alergic to everthing in the world. Including UV lights,(migrains, using any sort of perfumes, or fake foods, have to do all natural, latex, non natral clothing, apostery cleaners, carpet fresh air fresheners, fabrease laundry soap with sulfates, mold dust food yeast ect,,,

I have not been able to work for the last 3-4 years or so, my last job was on a suicide hotline, and as they put it, what if I had a atack when I was on the phone with a caller?
Any way, my life has sort of sucked aside from my Nanday, who is also my Medical asistance bird,
He know when I am about to have a migrain, Facal, and will start pulling things out of my drug bag for me. or he will presure bite the pints on my face to stop a atack. I have a scar on my chin from one spot that he has beaked over and over, that stoped so many atacks that were so painfull.
As strange as it sounds, he even will reach up into my nose and tap a place that will keep a atack from happening, and just prean my face when I can not touch my face my self.

When ever one else abandoned me Peter was there to talk to me and be the sweet clown and make me feel better.

I have a document from my nurolegest that he is a medical asistant bird, as he witnised him pick out the same homiapatic meds 4 time in a row for me, and press the right spots on my face in the nerve path way. (as acupunchure would show on a chart for that.)

I have two Chow Chows, that my Alergist wants me to give up, due to ther dander and hair. I love them very much, have had them after I had the stroke, but before I had the TN,
Ther were both rescue Puppys, at about 9 mts, living out side in a 9x9 pen with 4 more puppys. The breeder had been giving his cull dogs to his nefew, the ones that he could not sell as they were not show quality. (ears not perfick body too long, not all black in the mouth.. ect.)
I found out about the county going to take the dogs and put them down if they could nto find a home for them, and that one was named Bear. I had to rescue one, as I had lost a Half Chow Due to some one Leting him excape, and he was killed by a car.
It was a long drive. about 7 hr. My friend went with me, but when I got there, I found that Bear had a brother, Lucky, the Puppy that had been still born, and brought back. He was a bit slow, and timmid, and would only do things that Bear would do, I was told.
My husband would kill me If I had two dogs.
As I loaded Bear into the car, I heard a soft whimper. I knew that Lucky was coming with me.
Lucky is a bit slow. He did not "get" clicker training, but he will do it at home if he sees Bear doing it. Of Late, he has been a lot more independent, and will start doing things on his own, staying in, or going out on his own.
He will even eat things that I give him with out Bear eathing it first.
My pokey puppy is learing. He sits when you hold something that he likes.
But he always knew that the Leash ment a walk.
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Emmy: Chocotiel!weirdlilfaechld on December 2nd, 2007 03:58 pm (UTC)
TN, that is trigeminal neuropathy, the "stop you in your tracks ice pick in the face" sensation, right? If so that can be a part of multiple sclerosis, and it's nasty. Luckily (I guess?) most of my neuropathy is centered in lower legs and spine, so I get that lovely stabby sensation less then once a week.

I can't help but love the name Peter when it comes to birds. I adopted a little budgie a few years ago and he just seemed like a Peter so I named him that, and even though he was with me for only six months he was the type of bird that just never leaves in spirit, but your Peter just seems to be a very amazing bird. My birds are not medical assistance birds in any fashion, but when I am not feeling well my first bird Maria and now Diana will cuddle with my cheek and coo softly, Jesse and now Apollo will both be goofballs and do something to make me laugh, Autumn will preen my eyebrows, Andrew would blow kisses. Tammy usually just runs back and forth giving me "why are you in bed?" looks, but I have fallen and knocked myself out while home alone before and could have ended up with serious problems from that had she not screamed so horribly and loudly that the next door neighbor peeked in through my large side window and called an ambulance. From what he told me later he ended up with hands full of bites (she rarely bites) just trying to keep her from coming with me. Prada, my Aussie is not a registered seizure response dog, but she can tell when I am overstimulated or about to have a seizure and will drag me into a quiet room, lay me on the floor, and lay on me. I don't think she can tell the difference between what I smell like when overstimulated and what I smell like when about to have a seizure so she does a combination of what an assistance dog would do in both situations. She also grabs things for me, will pull my wheelchair when I am exhausted, and will steady me when I lose my balance. Unfortunately she is also terrified of new people despite obedience training and agility so I haven't even bothered with entering her in a service dog program, at five she can just help me at home and the both of us an be very happy about that. The cats... well they just act like cats *chuckle*

It's nothing short of amazing how animals often do these things with no training. I didn't even know Prada until she was two and during the first seizure she saw she just ran in a circle barking, but starting with the second one she just seemed to know what to do.

That's sweet how Lucky ended up coming home with you too. I am guilty of doing that a few times... when I was called to pick up Autumn and Billy from the mass breeder who was surrendering them the little baby I found (Tammy) just so happened to end up coming home with me too. It makes for an interesting phone call, if nothing else! Hehe.
wolfdancer on December 2nd, 2007 08:30 pm (UTC)
I understand about the MS and TN
Many peaple that Have TN later develope MS. I think that I am going to be one of them, even if my MRI are not showing any thing now, I have been developing the symptoms, The shaking the blured vision, memorie loss ect that my Dr are not seeing yet, I used to be a nurce, and took care of some one that had MS for a number of years. I know what the symptoms are, and the weakness that starts happening is starting to happen to me, even if my nuralgiest is not willing to admit that is what is likley to be happening, I am going to see what happens with my SSD case, and change as soon as I get a judgement.
I knew two dif peaple that had Cats that could tell when there peaple were going to have "a seizure or a migrain, and one dog that could sniffe out infection in nursing homes. (he was a visiting pet, but he would go to peaple that had infectins esp foot infections and howl. He was almost baned till as two of the peaple that he howled for died, then they figured out he was howling that they were sick.. (the first two had lung infections.)
the third had foot gangreen.